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South sea white pearls and Tahitian pearls necklace.

A little about me.

My hobby for so many years are pearls.

I'll start with introducing myself a little.My name is Beata,   I was born in Slovakia. Very small country  in Central Europe. Some people don't know where is Slovakia located. I don't blame nobody for not knowing. Currently  I am living in sunny Florida, enjoying the beach, ocean, and winters here. Working full-time in the dental office, blogging for the enjoyment of writing. Sharing my knowledge with you.  I am certified pearl specialist with  CPAA ( Cultured pearl  association of America)


  So, why am I  in love with pearls?

Pearls are  finished  gems. Doesn't require any special work to enhance beauty of  the gems.  They come in different  variety of size , shape and  color.  More bigger the  pearls, more expensive.  Luster  and no blemishes  play a big part in the price too.  Pearls whith  a beautiful luser can be small and  expensive.  The same with  irregular  shape pearls,  caled  Baroque pearls. 

There are Freshwater pearls,  in many  different pastel colors. The size  can be from  tiny 3 mm to big 15 mm to 17 mm.

Akoya  (Japanese)  pearls,  mostly  white. The size is between 5 mm to 8 mm.

Tahitian  pearls, caled  Black  pearls. Which are not black.  They come in light silver  to dark green,  auburn and beautiful blueish  iridescent  colors.  The  size is from  4 mm to 12 mm, 13 mm.

South sea pearls, the  most expensive of all pearls. South  sea pearls are white and golden, which  make them  so beautiful.  They can grow bigger  around 17 mm.

Those are only part of the pearls.  Pearls are round,  flat,  caled  coin  pearls. Stick pearls,  Biwa or keshi pearls. 

Sea of Cortez are other very beautiful  darker pearls.

And of course  the fake pearls. Mostly made of glass.  How  can you tell the difference between fake and real pearls ?  Fake, glass  pearls are  perfectly  smooth, without any blemishes. Looking  perfectly  round.

The real pearls are slightly  imperfect, like everything in the nature. When you  rub them against each other,  they should  feel gritty, whith  subtle ridges.  

My favorite are Tahitian pearls.  Especially Baroque.  The colors are amazing.  Almost as dark rainbow. The Tahitian pearl necklace is a dream of mine.   I try next   time  to include some pictures  too.

I am almost done  for now.  Thank you for reading and be  safe.