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One of the old street in St. Augustine

St.Augustine beach

Lifestyle diaries July 23rd 2020



Seeing  life through my  eyes. 



I know that life  for everyone  is different.  Men see the  world differently, women  see the world differently, children are probably the luckiest.  They are happy no matter what.   For me as a  creative person  I can't  just sit and do nothing. 

I am not  telling  the  truth here,  actually  I can lay outside on my pooldeck and enjoy good audio book. I did that in April,  the quarantine. I finished all three Crazy rich Asians books.Very interesting. Highly recommended. Plus with a big glass of sangria, or iced latte,  in my hand, enjoyd  the sunshine and cool water.  Only when  the whether permits. Until now the weather was nice.   It didn't  rain every day.  But is  July and Florida. So the rainy season is here. We might have hurricane here next Thursday. Fingers crossed, I am not right. 

Then I can enjoy my sangria inside. With  only  couple of friends of course.  Staying  home,  only.  Restaurants are open,  but sometimes is better to do gatherings  home.  Remember the  virus is still here.

About traveling, which is very limited right now. My good friend moved to Orange park. Very close to St. Augustine, is on the East coast of Florida. I drove there  to  see her month ago.  I stayed  with  her through  weekend. We visited  St. Augustine, one of the oldest town in Florida. Beautiful old town,  with all  the old  culture of the South.  But  all the old houses, churches, and schools were  closed.  Only restaurants and stores were open.  Later we drove to the beach. The ocean is more  wild there, the waves  were  huge, good for surfing, and  water is colder.  

We had a plan to go to Hawaii this Christmas. Probably not going to happen, but I hope next year it will be possible.  Fingers crossed. 

About  my work. I wasn't able to create. Sometimes is hard to continue working. Life  happens.  I need inspiration. Usually I find it somewhere where is  quiet.  The nature works for me most of the time. I am happy  that  I can create beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Right now  I am looking for inspiration.  I have some ideas, I did some sketches  on paper, some I like,  some  I need to improve  a little.  Currently  I am looking  for  pearls  and  gemstones. 

Now I am going to  pour myself the glass of sangria, have  pizza, imagine that I am somewhere in Italy,  and enjoy the rainy ( sunny in Italy) afternoon. 


Love, Beata 🌹






Or two drinks with someone...