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My happy monkey cup.


I hope everyone is having an amazing Sunday.  Here  in Florida the July is hot. We have rainy season, called  hurricane season  here. July is hot and humid, because of the  rain. But is not raining every day, so this morning, actually I do it every morning, I made myself a cup of Earl grey tea with a slice of lemon  and sat outside. 

Usually mornings are quiet here, I enjoy listening to the birds  singing, looking at the lake, sometimes  seeing alligator. I feel more connected with the nature.  Inspiration comes easier  too.

I do my tea rituals on weekends. I don't like to rush.  Sometimes I  change  the tea for cappuccino,or espresso. Who doesn't like a good cup of coffee. 

Rituals  and routine? What  is the difference?  For me routine  is something I do without  thinking, like brushing my teeth. Rituals I enjoy doing.  Is like a ceremony. I buy myself  beautiful tea and coffee sets. So I can look at  the sets and feel  happy. I pay attention to making  the tea or coffee. Rituals are more relaxing, and  with everything  what is going on worldwide can be life saving.     

Exercising, afternoon or evening  walks can be another rituals, which I love to do too. Practice mindfulness  is the point.  To be present in the moment, not to rush things. Meeting with a friend for coffee can be ritual, when we do it every week.   

Do you have  some  rituals? Something you enjoy doing? I would like to know what are your happy mornings.   

Love, Beata 🌹