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Lifestyle diaries July 31th 2020

Last day of July. Here in Florida is a hot one. Is not wet as past  summers, what I remember. Doesn't  rain  every day, what is unusual.  I can  sit outside  in the mornings, drinking  my tea , and not to sweat. What I do only  on weekends. Sometimes I drive to the beach.  Sunday early morning is quiet, people are still home. It feels magical.  August usually is hotter. Perfect time for  beach vacations. The water is warm, days are sunny, and with less rain I can plan small weekend  trips. Sarasota  beaches are beautiful, less crowded.  Less tourists  this year.  

August is month  of celebrations. Anniversaries, birthdays or  just summer drinks with  friends.  How we need that.  Go out and enjoy life.  My son and my nephew, both will  turn 22. My son David  in the end of August, and Ryan on the beginning of the month. Both boys live in Toronto, so I am not able to be there. Well that's  the life we are living  now. Toronto is a beautiful  city. With a lot of museums,  parks and old churches. Shopping and the restaurants are amazing. Last year we went to a few wineries, yes Niagara is a winery  country. We tasted wine, walk in vineyards, tasted more wine, and eat good food.   Summers are beautiful up north,   like  every where  else on the world. Do you have  some special place you visited or you want to  visit? I would like to know. Please  share.

I will  look for some wineries here in Florida. I know we have some, that is  interesting. So my next  trip might be to the winery somewhere here. Hopefully they  are open.  For now I am  working on some  home projects, which I will  share  later, and I am preparing my fall jewelry collection.  Fingers  crossed. 



Love, Beata🌹