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Seasons in life.

Lifestyle diary of August 9 2020



All week I was thinking about daily life. What we do when we are upset, or when we are happy, or just between. Here in Florida we have sunshine all year around.  Sunny days make people happy.  So they say.  Life is different, virus is still here, but life is returning back, I can't say  to normal, but we go out, do stuff again, have meetings with friends, properly  socially distanced from  another people. What I miss the most is traveling. We still can visit places here in Florida, or  travel by car and  in couple hours I can be somewhere else.

I don't have any plans to go somewhere, so as well I can create some happy memories here. I think everything in life is art. Your personality, your smile, how you dress, what you believe in, and all your dreams. How you decorate your home, the way you drink your drinks.  The way you love someone, how you care for people, and how you talk. And the way you feel and what you do. You can look for ugliness, you will find it. I look for the beautiful things first.  I trust and I believe people are good . Have I been hurt? Yes. But that is life. You cry, you feel  sad, than mad. But   later you realize life is not ending and you learn something. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You move on.

I am happier now, than I was younger. I have bad days too. But  I know that after the storm will be sunny again. I guess  that's my life experience.  Everyone see life and all  things which  come with life differently. We like different things, different people, different food. Our opinions are different. But what matters is to be kind and tolerant to one another. Is only one life we are living here , so  let it be amazing.

Love, Beata 💕