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And morning here in Tampa

Weekend mornings

Saturday morning in August. Still the weather is hot. It will be hot until October here in Florida. But what are some things we like to do on  Saturday morning? I like to go to the Saturday morning fresh market here  in the Wiregrass mall. Unfortunately the pandemic is affecting everything. It might be working and people are selling fresh produce and goods there, I have to check it out.
So what we like or have to do  Saturday? One of the "have to" is laundry.  With  automatic washing machines  is easier then ever to do laundry. Then  you don't have to dry it outside, we have dryers too.  But... Have you smelled laundry drying outside in the sun? You can smell  the sun, meadow and mountains... Try that...

Other fun outdoor activities are more appropriate for Saturday. Going to the beach with friends and family. Or discovering new places here in Tampa. Maybe taking mini vacation and go for a ride and walk different cities . That will be better for the cooler months.  
For now my Saturday morning activities are clean the house, do laundry, later make something healthy for the lunch. Afternoon I like to spend at the pool, with a good book, or drink, meet my friends or go on a date.

That is exiting.  The Date. Especially now. Are people afraid to go on a date?  But without the  exitement and newness , we have to live. Right?   You don't know what is waiting for you. Life is unpredictable. That is the beauty in it.   We know that now. Don't wait for anything. Nothing is just coming to you, you have to do something for you. Live life and enjoy every moment.
So what are your Saturday morning activities?  I would love to know...


Love ❤️ Beata

Saturday morning... in Toronto or it might be sunset