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 August 2020

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.Here in Florida is still hot and rainy. Only couple weeks and weather will change. First will be only slightly cooler, but with  the fall coming weather definitely will change. I enjoy the fresh air in the mornings. I can open windows, doors  and let the cool air come in. Maybe even  play tennis. First I have to find  a partner... 


Did one of your decisions change your life? Decisions usually change everything. How you live, how you look at life, how you see people and things too. So my own story, from when I or in that time we decided to marry with my then husband , then have children, later dicided to move from Slovakia to  Canada and after one  year living in Toronto we moved to the States. Big steps, but I was with my husband then


After divorce, everything changed. You are really, truly making your own decisions. You start doing what is best for you and when you have children what is best for them. You learn to be your own best friend. I started to trust myself with all my decisions I make , I believe  everything will work out. Did I make some bad decisions? Sure. I learned and moved on. Fixed what I could, and  I  stopped worrying about things  I could not

.Leaving and moving

My younger son moved to Toronto for university, my friend moved to different city, her daughter is moving to Colorado,  my older son is moving to his own apartment. When you let people go, they'll find way back. People will come to your life and they will leave too. Of course I miss both my sons, and my friends. I know and they know  that any time they can return home. Life is constant change. I embraced it.I know nothing is permanent. I live or at least try to live beautifuly. I am  enjoying  every moment, at work, home, with my friends or shopping for groceries. So I try to live worthy life. Did your decisions change you? I would love to hear your story

Love, Beata💕